Trauma Informed Evidence Gathering and Investigation Training

Alison Eaton & Dr Isabelle Kerr MBE, 2020©

This programme of training has been created by Alison Eaton and Isabelle Kerr in response to a call for improved practice in investigation and evidence gathering in cases of sexual and gender-based violence where UK nationals have reported crimes to police. The week long programme of training has been delivered to forces in Seychelles, Thailand, and Cyprus. These programmes evaluated very highly and have led to further development of specialised training in Trauma Informed Interview Techniques which was planned for deliver in Cyprus before travel restrictions put this temporarily on hold.

The outcomes for these specific programmes are outlined fully in the programme descriptor as are the evaluation processes.

Eaton & Kerr have also jointly and separately also delivered international and domestic training and consultancy including:

Although the above work has focused on bespoke training programmes for police officers and investigators, we offer specifically designed workshops and training events for a range of organisations, including multi agency partnerships. These courses are created based on the specific needs of the organisation/service.

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