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This news page will flag up news articles from across the world dedicated to all forms of gender-based violence. We will also be promoting events, webinars, and forthcoming training.

Prostitution is not 'Sex Work'

Durham and Leicester Universities are providing 'sex work toolkits' and training for students involved in prostitution. The normalisation of abuse of women's bodies has to stop.

Should universities be offering sex work advice to students? | The Independent Nordic Model

Research shows shocking admission by male students in the UK

A study of 554 university students shows that over 11% of male students admitted to committing 251 sexual assaults and other forcible and coercive acts in the past two years.

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Research reveals rapes and assaults admitted to by male UK students | Rape and sexual assault | The Guardian

Don't be that guy

New video launched by Police Scotland - good to see a male led prevention video going out and going viral

'Don't be that guy': Police Scotland campaign urges men to question their behaviour towards women | ITV News

Are lessons ever learned?

Sarah Everard

Ongoing reporting of the case of Sarah Everard in the press: are lessons ever learned?

All women know they are prey – and that no one with any authority seems to care | Marina Hyde | The Guardian

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