My background

I have worked in the area of trauma for the past 40 years, covering a wide range of issues including violence against women and girls, homelessness, poverty, discrimination and inequality, and recognising that all oppression and abuse is both a cause and a consequence of inequality.

For most of my working life I have in some way been working in the frontline of violence against women and girls since joining Strathclyde Rape Crisis Centre (later to become Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis) in 1981, becoming a founder member of Aberdeen Rape Crisis Centre in the mid-1980s, to more recently working with the Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership from 2000 and finally spending 15 years heading up Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis between 2006 and 2021. I have come full circle.

Impact of trauma

In my work I have witnessed the impact of trauma on the lives of survivors of traumatic experiences whether in homelessness projects, drug and alcohol addiction services, sexual exploitation, poor mental health or mental illness and the many physical conditions that are commonly experienced by trauma survivors.

As we have grown more aware of the prevalence of trauma and its impact on the lives of individuals, communities, and economies worldwide, we are able to take trauma informed approach to provision of services for trauma survivors in addiction services, mental health, child protection services, criminal justice, counselling and support services. My work has taken a new direction since 2021 with more focus on teaching, training and consultancy on issues of trauma predominantly relating to all forms of gender based violence, abuse and exploitation. This work had had an international focus since 2019.

Some achievements over the past 20 years have been:

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